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April 20, 2020by Glamping Pods UK

Getting Started With Your Glamping SiteGet An Idea of Costings

This glamping pods calculator is designed for anyone looking to get started with building a glamping site and understanding the basic costs of getting started.

How many pods you choose depends on the size of the site you are looking to build. It’s always a good idea to research planning permission and get to know things like access, utilities and timeframes for your build.

Starting Price
Only available on Luxury & Deluxe Pods – +£700 per pod
Starting Guide Price£ 

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    Great! Now you’ve had a look at likely costs, you can get in touch with us to discuss your project and get an idea of next steps. You can also talk to us about:


    Using this glamping pods calculator is simple:

    1. Identify the style of glamping pods or huts that you will be using on your glamping site – learn more about each one from checking them out from the main menu.
    2. Make the selection under: Pods Type.
    3. Use the slider to select how many pods you are looking to invest in.
    4. For Deluxe and Luxury Pods use the toggle to switch off or on the need for accessibility (this will add £700 to add a wet room to 1 pod).

    You will then have a guide price for your glamping pod project. Please be aware that this calculator can only be used on one pod type at a time. Please speak to us if you are looking to invest in a variety of pods for your glamping site.

    As with any online calculator please be aware that this is a guide and for reference to help you planning your glamping site project – for more specific details about your project we need to discuss a few other factors to give you the full picture. We’re happy to visit your site to really help you make the most of your site!

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