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April 23, 2020by Glamping Pods UK

This is a short guide to planning your glamping site to get the most out of your glamping business. If you’re confused by all the options, we’ll show you how to get started and get your glamping site up and running. 


Identify Your Site’s Location 

The first thing you should be planning is the location of your site. It is essential your glampsite is easily accessible for visitors, if it’s difficult to find and get to, people may feel put off. It’s Important to plan ahead when you are deciding where to host your glampsite, as you may be needing to expand over time as your business grows. Choosing a smaller area of land would be great in the beginning but as you expand, you’ll need the ability to do so. An advantage would be a good looking plot of land, avoiding noisy areas and bad views, such as factories, to increase visitor satisfaction.


Bottom of Garden Glamping Pod


Choose Your Units   

There are a range of pods to choose from so you’ll need to choose the style of pod that fits your glamping business, budget, land space and customer needs. You may want to do some research on the types of pods to see which would be best for you. Whether you’re wanting to go slightly simpler, or full glam with bespoke pods. Our website has a few different pods you could choose from:



Get Planning Permission

A lot of people are unaware of the need for planning permission when setting up a glamping site but it is important that you get full planning permission before you begin building your site. Planning permission is, in a nutshell, are visual plans of the entire layout of your site so the council can approve the build. Not only is it necessary but it actually has some benefits for your site. You end up with a clear plan, a safe and sustainable design that doesn’t have a negative impact on its surroundings and the relief of knowing you have done everything correctly.


Advertising And Booking  

Advertising your glamping site is extremely important, as it is how you will be attracting customers to your business. Nowadays the internet has taken over, so having a great website is an excellent asset to your business. Marketing digitally has many benefits, advertising using social media, Google My Business and email are great ways to make people aware of your business and get the word out there. This, in turn, should generate more bookings and more profit. 


Ready To Get Started?   

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