Glamping Site DesignRegular or Luxury Glamping Pods: Which One Should I Choose?

March 19, 2021by Glamping Pods UK

Glamping is an industry growing at a very fast rate, and with that comes many people looking to either buy their own glamping pods or start their own glamping business. It is an exciting time for the glamping industry and many people are now getting involved in the industry which is great for awareness.


When it comes to starting a glamping business, there is a range of different glamping pods available to choose from. Shepherd’s Huts, Yurts and even bespoke pods, but the most popular of them all are the regular glamping pod and the luxury glamping pod, both of which are available to purchase from us. 


In this article, we are going to go over whether you should choose regular or luxury glamping pods for your glamping business. It can seem like a hard choice to make at first, but once you are aware of all the benefits of each you should be able to make the right decision for you and your glamping business going forward.

Benefits of Luxury Glamping Pods

There are many benefits to the luxury glamping pods on your glamping site as they are the most high-quality that are typically available. Here are some of the benefits that we think are important:


Luxury Glamping Pods are very attractive and usually come with an amazing design and high-quality materials used. Some of them include an outdoor decking area and look a lot more like an actual property than a glamping pod making them very attractive to customers.

A Luxury Garden Pod in the UK


There are many features that are included in the luxury glamping pod that isn’t in many others, such as electricity, heating and all your favourite amenities and appliances included, making it perfect for glamping businesses.


Luxury Glamping Pods are a lot more spacious also than regular glamping pods, giving people who are staying there the space to relax and spend time with their family/whomever they bring.

Benefits of Regular Glamping Pods

Regular Glamping Pods are also very popular and are a favourite type of glamping pod for many. Here are some of the benefits of a regular glamping pod.


Regular Glamping Pods are a lot more affordable than luxury glamping pods, making it cheaper and more convenient to use a regular glamping pod. This also opens up the possibility of multiple glamping pods, making your glamping site a lot higher in value and quality.


With them being a tad smaller than the luxury, regular glamping pods are a lot more cosy and comfortable, perfect for couples. If you are looking to attract customers to your glamping site and want a more glamping-esque feel compared to a luxurious one, the regular glamping pod is perfect for your glamping site and certainly deserves a place within your business.

Glamping Pods Available to Purchase From GPUK

In conclusion, there are pros and cons to each glamping pod. They are both very high in quality and represent the best of the glamping industry, but it is entirely up to you which one you should choose. Depending on the purpose of your glamping business, you should be able to make the right decision on what glamping pod to go for.

If you haven’t already, take a look at our website for more information regarding our glamping pods and to see the difference between regular and luxury glamping pods. They are both excellent products of the glamping industry and certainly deserve a place on your glamping site.

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