Glamping Site DesignWhy choose Bespoke Glamping Pods over standard units?

April 16, 2020by Glamping Pods UK

Glamping pods are an amazing investment to begin generating revenue from your empty or unused land. As an investment, quality, durability and style is crucial when purchasing something as glamorous as a glamping pod. Bespoke pods give you all of that and more. Glamping pods give you the ability to upgrade your camping and earn more money or to turn space with lots of potential into a magnet for visitors and tourists to enjoy.  


Types of Glamping Pods


The hut is a popular choice for many reasons. The rural design of this pod means it easily blends into any landscape you wish to place it in. The hut is a great choice for campsite owners wanting to expand their collection, or introduce some new pods to give a campsite a level of style and attraction you couldn’t get with standard pods. There are three hut options available whether you want a slightly simpler pod or a more advanced model with The Hut including a porch area and lockable door and the more expensive Hut iPlus with far more facilities and luxuries.   


Deluxe pods are a great way to attract customers to your site. They look inviting and they’re very practical, definitely something customers will be looking for in a pod. The pods keep people warm in winter and cool in summer, being fully insulated with double glazed windows. Holiday goers who travel whatever the weather will instantly love this benefit.



The Luxury Pod has excellent facilities, including a fully working kitchen, a bathroom with a shower and so much more to fulfil anyone’s glamping needs. This pod could very successfully attract visitors and tourists who love nature and the outdoors but also enjoy staying in a cosy home away from home while they are away.


The top of the range pods on offer are the bespoke glamping pods. These pods are a step ahead of any other standard pods. They are personalised for your every want and need, no matter where you want your pod to be, how you want it to look, the size you want it. All the decisions are yours to let you create a unique, wonderful and personal pod that perfectly fits in with whatever unused or spare land you own. 


Benefits of Custom Made Pods 

Having a custom made pod for you has so many more benefits that you won’t find with the standard glamping pods. 


  • You can build the pod to fit into your site 
  • You’ll receive premium prices from customers 
  • Visitors will feel luxurious 
  • You can fit more pods for more customers on your land with different shapes and sizes
  • Your campsite will look great and attract more visitors 


The fact you can build the pod into your site is a massive win for you. Rather than trying to make a standard glamping pod fit into the surroundings you have, you can create your own style and customise your pod to fit directly into the area. Along with that, the size of your pod is down to you and the available area you have, whether you’re looking wanting to get a smaller, cosier pod or a grand and stylish bespoke pod in an obscure corner.


Bespoke pods are on a level of luxury you can’t get with the standard pods. Anyone visiting your bespoke pod will instantly feel luxurious and special as soon as they step foot in it. This premium pod will get people raving over your site, which will no doubt be the best around. You’ll be able to create amazing memories for people and their families that they’ll never forget. Staying in a glamping pod could be a once in a lifetime experience for people, a bespoke pod will give them the most amazing and luxurious experience they could hope for and there’s no better feeling than giving a family or couple a luxurious holiday they can look back on. 


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